sábado, 18 de octubre de 2014

this revolutionary method immerses students in an atmosphere of English language enabling them to learn as their own lengugage.
Uses English as the language to learn all kinds of areas and engages the students by making them use of the English language.

Another important aspect is that this method is based on the theory of multiple intelligences that we saw the other day in class.
Work different intelligences as kinesthetic, linguistic, spatial etc.

This method requires an initial and continuous training of teachers so that they are current on educational forefront and the most innovative techniques.

With this method we try to eliminate the process of traducci'n students performed at the English language to directly, starting to think in this language without having to translate.

Another benefit is that AMCO involves parents and families from the first moment the learning process of their children. Parents themselves emphasize the difference observed between children who participated in this method and those without. Seen a great improvement in the level of English of those who have been partakers of AMCO method.

Ultimately I am a fan of this method, you do not?

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