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Five years' children normally learn simple vocabulary like colors numbers o animals. Here you have a funny choice to teach the animals to children.
At the same time that you teach vocabulary about animals you can do with children crafts of animals with diferent materials. This is a activity for decorate the class and it can help children to learn the new vocabulary.
If you have a lot of animals in the Wall decoratin the class it can help you to point the animals and review the names of the animals each day.
In a lot of schools are doing the subject ?arts and crafts? in english so it can be a good activity for this subject.
You have a lot of choices to create animals to decorate the class:


This is a very simple file to work with children the first day of school or the first day of kindergarden. They have to complete it with their names, their class and the name of their teachers. It is very simple, the questions can be read by the teacher and kids have to understand the question and complete with the names.
Then they have to do a draw of their first day at class.
Obviously this activity only can be done by children ho can write. Five years' children normally can write simple words like their names or the names of their teachers.
Hope you like it :)

sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014


This URL is very useful to work easy and basic concepts in english like colors, shapes, numbers...
It is apropiate to pre-school or first of primary.
I know this page and use it in my class to work with a pupil who has down syndrome. 
My pupil work very well with this porgrame because he is entertained with the computer, in the page there are a lot of simple activities for him. He normally didn't learn nothing in the english class because he doesn't understand the activities of the class and the teacher doesn't have time to stay with the class and with him at the same time. However Now with my help and with a computer in the class he can learn things in a diferent way and use the time doing interesting things. So I recomend this page and electroninc activities in general to work english with children with special needs, they usually feel interest in new technologies.


    This is an interesting activity to do with children who are 7
    or 6 years old. You can review vocabulary like colors, fruits or animals. I did this activity with children after tell a story wich work vocabulary like: colors, animals, fruits or feelings. After tell the story you can do this activity to review the new vocabulary and evalue what children have learnt. You can giva one activity to each pupil or do the activity with a PDI if you have one in your class.
    I Hope you like it!! :)

   1)  Circle the white shoes and the blue shoes, cross the red shoes and the yellow shoes:

2)Draw and colour a red redberry and a yellow banana :


      3) Match the pictures with the correct words: