miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

Five years' children normally learn simple vocabulary like colors numbers o animals. Here you have a funny choice to teach the animals to children.
At the same time that you teach vocabulary about animals you can do with children crafts of animals with diferent materials. This is a activity for decorate the class and it can help children to learn the new vocabulary.
If you have a lot of animals in the Wall decoratin the class it can help you to point the animals and review the names of the animals each day.
In a lot of schools are doing the subject ?arts and crafts? in english so it can be a good activity for this subject.
You have a lot of choices to create animals to decorate the class:

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  1. Javi I think it's a good idea! It's funny and useful for two subjects an also is creative for decorate your classroom or their houses! I love your idea!