sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014


Children in this age group live in a magical world where everything around them is possible. So the idea that you could dress up and take some fantastic, attractive and charming roles. And because of so much hope for, why not speak English.
We had already made ​​the costume posters of characters: strong, large, thin, fat .... And all of them lacked a face, that will put you children when used with just your head through the hole.

Having accepted the corresponding character, all go waving them laughing, gestures and glances: "Hello!" "Hello!" (Hi). Then we will incorporate new vocabulary, like "Oh dear ........ is tall, very very tall!" Also relying on mimicry. "He / she is fat, very, very fat" hinchándonos like balloons when we say the word "fat". "He / she is strong" (fuerte) "He / she is thin" (delgado / a) ..... Children learn very well four new vocabulary words, maybe five, but no more. It is preferable to repeat these four words, each student in making games that incorporate them ... suddenly a lot of vocabulary, hoping to learn.

However, if the child nevertheless not play the new language, not to worry, this does not mean you do not like, is that it is internalized, and someday when you want, maybe at home or on the street not necessarily in the class, and when we want, will tell. Do not forget that is step is awareness, and we should not expect immediate results of language production.

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