jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014


My favourite teacher I think is a man who was my teacher in 6º of primary. My classmates and me were a lithe scared because he was our first teacher (man), and in addition he was very famous for be strict and moody.
However when we knew him we discovered that he was a good teacher and he was funny and tell a lot of jokes, he only was strict when the situation requires it.
He did the work funny and dynamic and the most important he create a good atmosphere witch help us to feel in trusted and important because he always cared about us.
He did a lot of effort to strengthen the feeling as a group and fellowship.


She was a teacher without nothing of vocation, she didn´t like children or this seems. She was always crying because she thought that this was the best option for we stay in silence but no.
I think that the job of teacher require love for children and a lot of vocation because if you don´t love your job you will be very unhappy and your pupils will suffer the consequences.
In my opinion children immediately feel when teacher talk and treat them with affection and when not.

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